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About me

Johnny is a well-respected drummer who has appeared in many types of settings performing within many genres. Johnny Byrne’s impressive technique and flexibility have kept him touring and performing throughout the last 30 years. Johnny started playing drums at the age of seven, influenced by the sights and sounds of New York City, and then as a resident of Miami, Florida during his youth. He attended the University of Miami and graduated with a degree in Music, all the while honing his skills by training in New York City with Robert Pedacchio (who played with Maynard Ferguson) and by performing throughout the United States in a variety of venues.

Johnny has played with artists such as: Clarence Clemmons, Todd Bradley & Next Level, Donna Allen, Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, Blue Notes, Greg Vail, Eugene Wilde, Nicole "Lillie" McCloud, Emmanuel, Drake Bell of the Drake and Josh Show on Nickelodeon and jazz saxophonist, Ed Calle. John has also toured and recorded with KC and the Sunshine Band on the Get Down and Live Yummy compilations. He has played throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, Indonesia and Central and South America. Johnny is currently recording with David Royce Aaron, who has produced and engineered for the likes of Snoop Dog, U2 and the original Sublime lineup. Johnny has also studied with Dave Weckl. Johnny can be seen performing throughout southern California with Oceans of Sand.

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